NFTMagic goes Live!

by | Jul 1, 2021 | News

Quite a journey from DeFiMAGIC to NFTMagic, but here we are at the launch of NFTMagic on the Ardor mainnet!

It all started with CIRCLE back in December 2020:

At that time the NFT fever was getting started and, as part of the DeFiMAGIC parody bot, I introduced CIRCLE, a pixellate circle that was intentionally pixellate to recall the more popular Cryptopunks but in a basic form as it was intended as a parody.

From that point on, the spark to create a real NFT platform was ignited, and since December 2020 I had maybe just a few days where I didn’t spend some time working on what is now

Different formats, lots of ideas, lots of things have been changed and fixed but so far it has been a fantastic and very enriching experience.

Besides the personal part let’s start with the Thank You’s, no matter if NFTMagic will be a success or not.

First and foremost, Apenzl which has made it possible to secure NFTMagic and make it convenient to use thanks to the SIGBRO app. All actions on NFTMagic are done with a simple scan of a QR code. The SIGBRO app is also able to show all owned NFTs directly in the app. This is just awesome! Without Apenzl, NFTMagic will not be where it is today.

Scor2k, the coding powerhouse of the SIGBRO app, web wallet, backend, NRS Plugin and more! Amazing job!

Paul from Bitswift has been there all the time brainstorming, adding ideas, contributing to content and more. Thank you Paul!

Then Tre, Petko, Riker, Sergi, mrv777, Francisco, Palheiro, Zubin, Shugo, Malnemark and many more which have been supporting, creating, thinking along and being there all the time during these 6 months of work.

And then my wife which has seen little of me in these months as most of my spare time was dedicated to NFTMagic. It’s now time to compensate, if you are reading this. 🙂

So here we are, ready to see NFTMagic in action on mainnet. And guess what? We have a new revamped CIRCLE for you to grab until they last! It still has the parody spirit as it was done quickly, so please don’t seek too hard for art there. But what we will collect from the sales will help support the development of NFTMagic and SIGBRO.


Hope you enjoy it and we will update you with guides, news, updates in the following weeks. We are still finalizing some parts of the platform + SIGBRO so some things might not be super smooth yet.

In the meantime download the SIGBRO app, create an Ardor account and grab some $IGNIS from one of the exchanges listed here or grab some $BITS

Cheers, TheWireMaster