About Us

Blockchain is a fabulous technology to store your ownership over digital goods.

NFT Magic is based on Ardor which brings clean, affordable and convenient blockchain magic to you.

Our mission is to provide a platform that makes your art piece available at any time and in any place. This is why we have chosen to use IPFS as storage technology so that your art piece can be stored in multple redundant copies all around the world. The Ardor asset will point to the IPFS file (CID) in a irreversable way.

The underlying proof of stake protocol allows the network to run on extremely low power consumption which means nearly zero CO2 emissions. Some of the nodes run on raspberry pi‘s and some only powered by solar panels. Of course the Ardor node serving the NFTMagic website is a more powerful servers as it needs to server many requests at the same time.

Our vision is to make NFT Magic and Ardor the platform of choice for digital art.

NFTMagic Facts

NFTMagic allows content creators to publish digital art instantly and easily on the Blockchain where its authenticity can be verified. Digital Art is tokenized, monetized, explored, and preserved permanently when published through NFTMagic.

Advantages of NFTMagic:

1. NFTs created on NFTMagic are stored on IPFS and all meta data is stored on the Ardor blockchain.

2. NFTs created on NFTMagic take advantage of instant decentralized markets available in any child chain token such as Ignis or Bitswift tokens. Monetize your digital work instantly by publishing on NFTMagic.

3. The cost to mint an NFTMagic is considerably cheaper than alternative NFT platforms. NFTMagic is built on top of Ardor which is a proof of stake blockchain network designed to keep fees for DApps low.

4. The cost associated with trading and transferring NFTs between users is also much more feasible when compared to alternative NFT platforms.  The fee to move digital assets can be paid in any child chain token.

5. NFTMagic does not store any user information. Users are not required to have an account aside from the blockchain account they are transacting from. With NFTMagic users are always in direct control of their digital assets.

NFTMagic FAQ ->

What is NFTMagic

NFTMagic is a NFT Marketplace built on the Ardor blockchain where NFTs can be uploaded, sold, bought using the Ardor child-chain tokens Ignis and Bits.

When I sell what am I selling exactly?

This depends on the License chosen. Please have a look at our licenses page to have a better understanding of which rights are given to the NFT buyers.

Does NFTMagic own my creation once uploaded?

No! NFTMagic is a simple link between the creator and the blockchain. It stores a copy of the artwork for caching purposes and to allow the platform to display your work but doesn’t own any rights over your creation.

NFTMagic might use the uploaded creations on the social media channels for promotional purposes.

Where can I learn more?

You can subscribe to our newsletter, follow our social media channels or join our community discord here.