NFTMagic is back from holidays!

by | Sep 5, 2021 | News

NFTMagic is developed by a very small team of people working with passion on the project. And believe it or not, we had some holidays recently! Yoohoo! Crazy, right?
Sometimes it’s difficult to dive into the holidays mood when working with so much passion on a project like we do with NFTMagic.
But if you manage to get in the holidays flow it’s a really good thing and when you come back you feel like a vulcano of ideas.

And that’s where we are standing now. Fully relaxed and energized to bring more awesomeness to the project.

Here some dreams we have for the near future:
– SIGBRO app on iOS
– New awesome artists
– New pages with different functionalities
– Royalties on future sales to artists
– Extend the Frenchies (Friencies actually…) collection, distribute them and add gamification
– Minting of 3d objects
– And much much more

They are only dreams… but sometimes dreams turn into reality!

And we love dreaming, therefore stay tuned and get started with NFTMagic. It’s really easy:
1 – Download SIGBRO
2 – Get some Ignis or Bits
3 – Start exploring, uploading or buying NFTs

The journey has just started…