Twitter public Identity verification in NFTMagic

by | Sep 19, 2021 | News

The goal of NFTMagic has always been to be as least invasive as possible towards the blockchain decentralised nature.

In fact NFTMagic relies completely on the Ardor and IPFS decentralised platforms and is purely a “data aggregator”. The only functionality that we keep centralised is a blacklist which doesn’t delete the NFT from the blockchain, as this is technically impossible, but filters it from what can be seen on the NFTMagic site.

But the decentralised nature of the blockchain or IPFS doesn’t allow us to know who is behind the Ardor address which uploads a media file. This is beautiful but at the same time it is an easier victim to misconduct. For example anyone of us can create an account on Ardor, give it the name Banksy, and upload art pretending to be from Banksy. Unfortunately we will not know if that’s the real artist or if it’s a fraud, except, maybe, after damage has been done and the real Banksy publicly reveals the fraud.

And that’s where a link to a public identity can help to trust the artist publishing his/her work from the first minted NFT.

This is how to spot a verified account on NFTMagic:

Twitter verified account on NFTMagic

A little twitter logo with a green checkmark next to the Ardor account. It is visible on the single NFT (above), on the artist page:

or on the account page, for accounts that are not our own (eg, below the account field on the top bar is empty):

The account page changes when it’s our own account (our address is in the top bar):

In this case we are shown a blue twitter icon if we already are verified, or the icon will be grey which means non verified.

By clicking on that icon we will be offered to verify our Ardor/NFTMagic account against our twitter account or change it if previously verified:

By filling the form with our twitter account, we will then receive a direct message from the twitter account NFTMagicBro containing the QR code to be scanned with the SIGBRO app to complete the verification.

So make sure to follow the NFTMagicBro twitter account before filling the form because your twitter permissions most likely will not allow a non-followed account to DM you.

But how exactly does this work.

It’s pretty simple. The QR code received from NFTMagicBro will contain an Account Property transaction with the information about your twitter account and your Ardor account, This data is encrypted against an encryption key safely stored by NFTMagic so any attempt of tampering the information stored in the account property will not succeed.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and stay tuned for more features coming in the near future!