What’s happening in the NFTMagic world!

by | Nov 21, 2021 | News

So many cool things happening in the NFTMagic world! Let’s try to make a summary here below.

SIGBRO is available on iOS

This is huge! Remember that SIGBRO is the only key for using NFTMagic. And until a couple of weeks ago the world of NFTMagic was an exclusive of Android users. Now all iPhone users can get involved in NFTMagic!!! Awesome! Find the links to both version on sigbro.app.

The Cryptoleer reviews NFTMagic

We are extremely thankful for the very positive review by Cryptoleer. This is the best reward for our work. Thank you!

Read it here.

Paul from Bitswift talked about NFTMagic on Crypt Rick’s podcast

Paul explained in a very easy to understand language blockchain, NFTs and all this world we are all passionate about… and also a demo of NFTMagic! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo069Dn_D0E

And check out all the other videos by Crypt Rick!

A new collections page

We didn’t have that so far. A page that shows all collections available on NFTMagic. The collections are shown with little mosaics of NFTs belonging to those collections. You can have a look at it here: explore collections · NFTMagic


We have reached 24 Frenchies and now we take a break. That’s just for a little while. All Frenchies are not created by generative software, but these are designed one by one by myself. I do really enjoy creating them by just following inspiration that comes from popular personalities, artists I appreciate or simply frenchies… just frenchies. 🙂

So why 24. Well… we are about to start an Advents Calendar together with SIGBRO! We will be distributing one Frenchie to a lucky winner every day starting from the 1st of December 2021. More details will follow soon.

In the meantime enjoy the Trailer of this cool giveaway!

And! There’s a website being built for these curious creatures. Still under construction but you can have a look until it will be revealed: frenchie.land.

And follow the new official Twitter and Instagram accounts of our Frenchie friends!

Improvements on single NFT page and Upload

Thanks to the testing and precious feedback of Cryptoleer we have improved the single NFT page so that when all NFTs are booked and none available to accept open Bids, the quick Bid button turns orange and it is disabled. In this way there is no confusion when the transaction fails due to the lack of available NFTs. The orange button suggest to the owner of the NFT to first cancel an active Ask before accepting the open Bid.

Also the upload page now shows a warning when an Ardor account is not yet active. That means that the public key of that account is not yet announced to the blockchain. An account without public key is not able to upload an NFT, therefore a warning is shown before the user/artist actually trying to upload the NFT.

What’s coming next…

The future is bright and we are literally exploding with ideas! The problem is time and priorities. And therefore first things first. But stay tuned and follow our channels to know more about what’s coming next.