Advent Calendar, new artist, new functions and much more

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Artists, Collections, Events, News

What an amazing time for NFTMagic.

Starting from December, when everyone enjoys the Christmas time and slows down to recover energies for the comeback in January, the NFTMagic world has seen an extraordinary amount of things happening.

There have been events, new artists, auctions, new functionalities and more. While everyone slows down, we have pushed on the gas pedal.

The SIGBRO and FrenchieLand Advent Calendar

Glory to SIGBRO for putting up one of the most innovative NFT Giveaway ever.

The first 24 Frenchie NFTs were used as 24 giveaways between the 1 and 24 December and Frenchie.Land was born. Just like a Netflix series, the Frenchie NFTs came to life, printed and glued on top of sushi sticks and a story evolved in 24 episodes in which Rudolph was missing and had to be found. Criminals, grandma’s, goofy pumpkins and party frenchies gave life to the most creative NFT Giveaway ever.

Within each episode, Whitie, the host of the series, was presenting a task to solve in order to win the daily Frenchie NFT. Each task was an exploration of the SIGBRO and Ardor possibilities.

All episodes can be watched again and again on the NXTER youtube channel.

Stay tuned because episode 25 is still unreleased!

And don’t miss the Frenchie Bastards and Frenchie Bastards by Posfan78 collections! 

New Artists

December 2021 has also been a great month for new artists discovering NFTMagic.

Below a few notable ones.

Hilde Pfeiffer

Age means nothing in the internet. We can be who we are and express our art, desires, thoughts no matter if we are 18 or 80.

Hilde Pfeiffer, the mom of our well known community member Alex Pfeiffer is the perfect example of how her art is what really matters, not age, sex, color of skin or anything else. We are all 30 years old on the web and Hilde and her art are just at their best!

I wish for many more Hilfe Pfeiffer art pieces in the future and recognition in the real world and online world that we so much love!

Follow Hilde Pfeiffer on NFTMagic or on twitter.

Natalie Denk

Besides leading the Center for Applied Game Studies at the Krems University in Austria, Natalie Denk has an extrodrinary talent in drawing tiny sheeps!

Go visit them and grab one as long as they are still available for sale!

Follow Natalie Denk on NFTMagic or on twitter.

Eli Jayne

Eli Jayne is an old friend of the NXT and Ardor community. But we don’t want to celebrate the blockchain knowledge of Eli on NFTMagic but rather her aristic skills. We are so glad to have some of her art pieces posted here.

Go check them out and make sure to put your hands on one of them if you are able to!

Follow Eli Jane on NFTMagic or on twitter or check our her other web presence here.

And many more…

Discover the daily additions on our Latest NFTs page or check what’s happening on the platform on our Latest Actions page.

And of course keep an eye on the homepage of NFTMagic to check the NFT and collections highlights.

Mythical Beings Collection on NFTMagic

The popular Mythical Beings NFT Card game is now available on NFTMagic!

We are really happy to have this addition. The Mythical Beings cards are fine art, old traditions and a great game!

The addition of the Mythical Beings collection allows users to trade their cards with SIGBRO and also with Bits.

Welcome Mythical Beings! Long life to this awesome project and collection!

Original Frenchies (Frencies) on Auction

The Frenchies from number 26 onwards will be sold via auction.

The highest bid in equivament fiat value will get the Frenchie original.

There will be only 100 and we have great plans in the pipeline for Frenchie Land and the Frenchie owners.

So Keep an eye on the front page of NFTMagic and make sure to have a Frenchie in your portfolio.

And follow Frenchie Land and SIGBRO on twitter to be sure not to miss any news.

Platform improvements and bug fixes

In these last weeks we have also brought some improvements to the platform and fixed some issues.

Here some examples:

– The single NFT Page has now a new look. The information is split into tabs to better read the details of the NFT

– Latest Account actions on the Account page now shows also Ask and Bids on NFTs the account owns. In this way it is easier to check when it’s a good time to buy or sell the NFTs owned

– Upload form has received some fixes. When a collection was complete (full), it was not possible to create a new collection. Also when a collection was complete and only 1 collection has still slots available, the form was using the completed collection.

– and many more minor fixes…

And of course a huge thank you to the SIGBRO team for always improving their awesome application. With no SIGBRO there won’t be NFTMagic!