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Our current favorites

Featured Work

Silver Hair Cat

Silver Hair Cat from ikelag

Frenchie fifteen

Frenchie fifteen is inspired by Skygolpe. The unique style of Skygolpe, beautiful and immediately recognisable inspired this Frenchie.

R. Neutra volumes and light

The artist works with light and shadows to give volume to the space.

American Dream

The American Dream


Featured Collections

Interior Design by Bea Sarrias.

Artist Bea Sarrias interprets how interior design transforms living spaces.


The most lovely frenchies in the world are about to find new homes soon.


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Featured Artist

Bea Sarrias


Inspired by the American realism of the 20th century, Bea Sarrias plays with architecture, light and shadows to create a world that truly comes to life in her artwork.



Latest News

Twitter public Identity verification in NFTMagic

The goal of NFTMagic has always been to be as least invasive as possible towards the blockchain decentralised nature. In fact NFTMagic relies completely on the Ardor and IPFS decentralised platforms and is purely a "data aggregator". The only functionality that we...

NFTMagic is back from holidays!

NFTMagic is developed by a very small team of people working with passion on the project. And believe it or not, we had some holidays recently! Yoohoo! Crazy, right? Sometimes it's difficult to dive into the holidays mood when working with so much passion on a project...

Bea Sarrias is on NFTMagic

We are extremely happy to have Bea Sarrias publish some of her work on NFTMagic. Bea is an extraordinary artist from Barcelona that can transform an empty canvas into a world of light that brings the architectural spaces she creates to life. Amongst some of her work:...