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Our current favorites

Featured Work


Apenzl’s fabulous labrador

Sole Nature #Barbara Ward

Inspired by “We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” – Barbara Ward –

Frenchie Twentynine

Windy world, ear lost Frenchie – Inspired by Banksy’s Balloon Girl

Walking in the harbor

”Sail away from the safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover”


Featured Collections

Hilde Pfeiffer‘s 2022 Collection

The 2022 art collection of the extraordinary artist Hilde Pfeiffer.

Tiny Sheep Farm

A Tiny Sheep Farm – made with joy by Natalie Denk

Discovering a beautiful country

A short trip that left unforgettable memories.
Watercolors that are portraits of the best memories.


The Key to NFTMagic

All actions on NFTMagic are secured by SIGBRO. Keep your wallet and NFTs safe on your mobile phone. No need to install plugins or add-ons to secure your digital goods.

Available on iOS and Android.


Latest News

What’s happening in the NFTMagic world!

So many cool things happening in the NFTMagic world! Let's try to make a summary here below. SIGBRO is available on iOS This is huge! Remember that SIGBRO is the only key for using NFTMagic. And until a couple of weeks ago the world of NFTMagic was an exclusive of...

Twitter public Identity verification in NFTMagic

The goal of NFTMagic has always been to be as least invasive as possible towards the blockchain decentralised nature. In fact NFTMagic relies completely on the Ardor and IPFS decentralised platforms and is purely a "data aggregator". The only functionality that we...